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Winter Savings Tips

During the frigid winter months, heating bills in many homes often go through the roof. Here are some tips to reduce your heating bills during the cold season.

Reduce Cold Drafts into Your Home

Caulk around window frames, door frames and any other seams on the outside of the house to seal them. This also saves money year-round as moisture can seep in and cause some serious damage to your walls. Make sure your attic hatch is sealed and locked down by a couple of small hooks.

Don’t Waste Warm Air on Your Ceiling

Switch ceiling fans over to the opposite way of turning (most fans will have a switch at the top or around the base) this way of turning pulls down warm air from the ceiling to keep it circulating instead of sitting near the ceiling.

Take Advantage of Your Body’s Natural Heat

Wear sweaters, double socks and long pants around the house. Dress children in warm clothes and set the thermostat to 60.

Maintain your Heating System

Make sure to keep your heating system well-maintained. If properly maintained, the heater system will work more efficiently and last longer. A properly maintained heating system can also save the life of the occupants of the house. When a heating system malfunctions, it can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and can cause fires as well. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commissions around 6,000 fires and $47 million in damaged property are often linked to an ill-maintained heating system every year.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Turn down the thermostat by five degrees to cut heating bills. If you reduce it 5 degrees more, then you can expect better savings at the end of the month.

Let in some light

Open blinds on south-facing windows during the day to let in the sun. Close them in the evening to add a bit more insulation.

Use rugs on bare floors

Bare floors can become cold in the morning and at night, especially during the winter season. An area rug helps to keep your feet warmer.

Use space heaters

One of the best ways to save money on electricity: a portable radiator-type oil heater. These heaters use a lot of power, but not nearly as much as a furnace. They may take a while to warm up, but once they’re going, the can heat a small space cheaply.

Use an electric blanket

There’s no need to heat the entire house when you’re asleep. In fact, there’s no need to even heat your bedroom. An electric blanket is cheaper and cozier. Look for a blanket with dual-controls.

Don’t Heat Unused Space

If you have a guest bedroom or some another room not being used for long stretches of time, close the vents to those rooms. Tape a plastic cover to wall, ceiling and floor vents and put a towel under the doors to seal off as much as possible.

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